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YOU! (Just a thought)

It's very interesting to see how most of our problems in life come from lack of love. I'm not talking about the kind of love you can find in someone else; I'm talking about the one you find within yourself; from you, to you!. We are so worried about fitting in, about treating others the right way to make a good impression that it consumes us and there is nothing left for the most important person; YOU.

We seem to be more connected to the outside world than the inside one. How can one know what the inside needs from the outside if we're just always outside? This thought has been lingering in my head for a while and it took me sometime to understand it..

As of now, I'm in a new stage of life where I feel more grown and connected to my inner needs and it feels amazing! I've never loved myself and appreciated the fantastic person I am until lately. With this thought about love I want to invite you to do YOU! Let's do something everyday for ourselves, let's remind ourselves how beautiful, intelligent and capable we are, Let's kiss ourselves, let's not involve ourselves with energy suckers or people who just come in with the intention to sabotage our path and growth in life and let's wake up with an "I love you" from the most important person; YOU.

P.S- I love you, Jamila

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